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Nutrition and diet are both key components to the wellness and health of a person. Medical professionals, home health agencies and those who work with at-risk individuals will tell you the same thing too. Food is the building block of health and wellness in the body, and seniors are no exception.

It’s not just any food either. The fact is, you want to pay attention to what you should be eating and what you should be avoiding. This is especially true for seniors who are on medications that can create complications or a certain diet for a systematic shut down of your body. One of the most important factors in the care of seniors is nutrition assistance because of diets' effects on many age-related illnesses.

Diet and nutrition help from a caregiverCardiovascular Disease

Maintaining a healthy weight can dramatically reduce your chances of developing heart disease and can improve heart health as well. Additionally, foods with Omega-3 fatty acids such as herring, mackerel or salmon can also reduce your chances of developing heart disease.

Memory Loss and Dementia

While it may not seem like a major factor, diet can help prevent memory loss or the symptoms of dementia. Because blood pressure and cholesterol can factor in the development of these conditions, maintaining a healthy diet can help improve your resistance to them.


Home health agencies note that diet is one of the major contributors to both the development of diabetes and its treatment. For seniors with the ailment, monitoring and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels starts with proper nutrition. It's important to avoid overly sugary foods, preferably completely eliminating them from your diet. Always keep in mind that it takes time to adjust to these kinds of diets, though, and it is okay if a senior slips up every now and then.


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