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With its year-round sunshine, it's no wonder Huntington Beach, CA, is a place many US seniors like to call home. There are unspoiled beaches, a wonderful climate, and a friendly atmosphere. Top this with a never ending list of things for folks to do and it's easy to see why this is such a favored retirement spot.  According to the last census, 14% of the population here were seniors, and 24% of those live alone at home. As more of the baby boomer generation turns 65 years of age, the higher these figures will rise. Comfort Keepers of Huntington Beach, CA, is here to help local seniors age in their beloved homes. Although not all people will need elderly care at home there will always be some who do. The purpose of this page is to make seniors of this great US seaside city aware of their options.

There are some great assisted living facilities in and around Huntington Beach in California. Despite this, when given the choice, most seniors prefer to age at home, in comfort, and with some level of independence. Comfort Keepers of Huntington Beach, CA, is here to help the city's senior population do just that. It can be a challenge at times to find the ideal care for your needs, or for a loved one. Even if you're not ready for elderly care at home right now, it's never too soon to explore all options and prepare in advance.

Comfort Keepers helps to simplify what is often a complicated and overwhelming process. We understand your challenges and help you to make better informed decisions. We work closely with care recipients and their family's to design in-home care plans based on the unique needs of clients. Our info center leaves no stone unturned.

Comfort Keepers of Huntington Beach, resources help in the following ways:

  • Give detailed answers for all questions on elderly care at home
  • Help clients and families decide on the right type of care
  • Address full range of needs, physical, mental and emotional

Our mission is simple. It is to help the seniors of Huntington Beach live independent lives in the comfort of their own homes. Through us, people get to find the right care so that they can enjoy a life that is happier, safer, and healthier. We've arranged our resource section so that it's all in one handy location for your convenience.

Comfort Keepers Available Resources For Elderly Care At Home

Look through our resource section at your leisure. If you have any questions afterwards, or would like us to arrange a free consultation in-home care support, please contact us. Each section or our Info Center covers the following areas:

  • Downloadable literature that you can read on your computer or print out
  • How to start the conversation
  • Working with close family to find ideal solutions
  • Frequently Asked Questions section
  • Types of home care available
  • Legal considerations
  • Useful articles on senior care at home
  • Paying for care

Comfort Keepers of Huntington Beach, CA, helps local seniors and their families to customize care plans from start to finish. To find out more about living at home with the help of professional caregivers, contact us at 714-646-6091. We hope to hear from you soon. 


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